Please note that due to the Corona pandemic, all our seminars will be offered as webinars with reduced pricing - please get into contact with us in case of interest!

Please note that all our Seminars can also be offered in English!

The qualification of all players in a clinical study plays an increasing role. Our experienced speakers are able to vividly, clearly explain theoretical and practical aspects of the conduct of clinical studies in a structured and focussed way. 

GCP - Good Clinical Practice

GCP for Investigators

In Germany, we design and structure our seminars based on the specific recommendations published by the Bundesärztekammer on 07 October 2016. The offered seminars comprise a basic course, an advanced course for Principal Investigators as well as refresher/update seminars. 

    GCP for Study Nurses

    We offer a 6-day basic course for medical assistants who are interested in the job of a Study Nurse. The course is held on two weekends and imparts theoretical as well as practical knowledge on the base of clinical trials with medicinal products.

    GCP for Employees of Sponsors/CROs

    Independently from whether you work as project manager, CRA or assistant: We tailor seminars or trainings on GCP and related topics to your needs. We will be happy to visit you in your premises – that will lead to comfortable settings and gives your team the possibility to directly exchange their experience with colleagues and an experienced trainer.

    „GCP für Prüfer und ihre Teams“, a German book written by Christoph Ortland, is a valuable companion in everyday practice in clinical trials and focuses on the most important facts when conducting a clinical study in Germany.

    Book on GCP

    Project Management

    How can a clinical trial be managed as efficiently and effectively as possible? How to keep track of budget and timelines without the fear of losing quality? We offer basic and best practice seminars tailored to your needs.


    We all are able to communicate - but are we able to communicate in a target-oriented way? Can we assess the needs of our communication partner and can we keep an eye on these? How to react if the situation runs out of control and a conflict situation starts to develop? We know the potential cliffs and support you via our communication seminars to recognize these cliffs and sail around them.

    Use our knowledge and our experience in the conduct of seminars and contact us!