About us

Committed to your clinical development operations

The Forschungsdock CRO GmbH company is a contract research organization (CRO) based close to the city of Hamburg. Our aim is to stand by your side as a strong and dependable partner. We plan clinical studies, do all the necessary preparatory work, and support you – pharmaceutical and biotech companies, manufacturers of medical devices, CROs, and also clinics and physicians (in the context of investigator-sponsored trials, ISTs) – in their implementation.

We operate according to a trust-inspiring motto: clarity and the human touch in communication – both among ourselves and in our interactions with you. We’re convinced that this trustful basis is the essential precondition for successful cooperation.

"Our customers appreciate the fact that we supervise their study projects quickly, courageously, trustfully and with a sense of proportion. For this to succeed, we demand the best performance from ourselves –continuous learning of all is therefore a matter of course and is strongly supported and promoted by me. My demands on all Forschungsdock CRO employees are high: experience, team player spirit, and enthusiasm! So that we exceed your expectations."

Dr. Christoph Ortland, CEO and founder of Forschungsdock CRO GmbH

The Team at Forschungsdock CRO GmbH

Dr Christoph Ortland | Founder & CEO

"In 2022, Forschungsdock CRO GmbH has already existed for 5 successful years: We continue to grow by facing new things, working precisely and always keeping an eye on the people involved in the process - that was and is essential for me as owner and managing director. And it is our flagship."

Dr Doris Greiling | Clinical Development Expert

"Clinical research is becoming ever more complex and regulated. This is why a strong project management concept is important, using lean processes to keep our focus on the ultimate goal: to develop new medicinal products."

Kirstin Steffen | Clinical Monitoring Manager

"In the context of clinical monitoring I see myself as a guarantor for good communi­cation between the sponsor and the study site, ensuring that everyone is satisfied with the quality of the results at the end of the study."

Christian Hilgenstock | Quality Manager

"Audit planning is an essential part of quality management and should be adapted to the identified risks on a study-specific basis -  there is no 'one size  fits all'."

Dr Cornelia Breuer | Project Manager, Quality Manager

"It has always been a great pleasure for me to constantly adapt to new exciting projects and then implement them at short notice and individually, in accordance with customer wishes and within the framework of regulatory requirements."

Administrative team members

Sebastian Liebender - IT Manager

Dr. Rainer Ibel - Data Protection Officer