13. June 2022
With Forschungsdock from study idea to publication
A case study - how we were doing the complete planning and conduct of a clinical drug trial
9. June 2022
New: An e-learning for “non-study staff”!
More and more studies we deal with involve personnel who neither have to make medical decisions nor are they involved with all aspects of GCP. There is uncertainty on the part of our clients about what these people need to know about GCP.
30. August 2021
Forschungsdock GmbH is now member of BVMA e.V.
At the beginning of August 2021, after a successful, independent GCP system audit, Forschungsdock had applied for membership in the BVMA e.V.
25. May 2021
Online GCP Courses: Modern – Interactive – Validated!
Forschungsdock Akademie introduces its e-Learning portfolio